Free Real 3D PhotoBox LiveWall 1.002


The real 3D experience...

As requested by many, we now present you the free version of Real 3D PhotoBox live wallpaper for Android.

We provide you a 3D rendered spinning PhotoBox with 180 degree view where you can navigate through the screen, feel like you are in the real 3D world.

If you like this FREE version, please consider getting our donate full version which include:

- You can choose your own photo from your gallery to display as 3D photo box. We provide photo cropping features for you too so that your image will be display at it best quality.

- You can also control the spinning style for the PhotoBox, you can even make it stop and stay still in the middle of the air !

- If you don’t like some of the PhotoBox, maybe 6 just too many, you can select to hide them.

- Change background color and image, set low gravity effect and blending effect. All these stuff are made configurable for you, you only need decide how you want to design it.

Search "Real 3D Photobox" in Market or Android Web Store to get the donate full version.

Hope you like it and if you have any issue, please kindly email us directly so we can help you to resolve it.

** Please make sure your phone support Live Wallpaper features.
[STEP] : Go to your homescreen. Press Menu, then choose Wallpapers, then click Live Wallpapers. Find 'Free Real 3D PhotoBox' and set as wallpaper. Enjoy!

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Last Updated:2011-09-18 21:50:02
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OS:Android 2.1 and up

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